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Slumbersac Choo Choo Train

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"Choo Choo" goes the little train trundling across this lovely sleeping bag for boys. Made with 100% pure cotton chambray with cotton lining, the exciting appliqué/embroidery design will be a favourite with every little boy and his dad!Choo Choo Train

Sizes 1 and 2 have side zips and shoulder snap fastening to allow easy changing. Size 3 has a centre zip complete with zip cover. The centre zip fastens from the bottom preventing any escapes.

Choo-choo Train is available in three sizes:

Size 1 - birth up to six months - from 4kg,
              length of this sleeping bag is 74cm

Size 2 - six months up to 18 months - from
              8kg, length of this sleeping bag is 86cm

Size 3 - 12 months to three years.
              From 11kg
              When folded up to two years, length of
              this sleeping bag is 90cm.  When extended
              up to three years, length of this sleeping
              bag is 112cm

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