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Slumbersac & Baby Kaboosh Product Information


All You Need To Know


Baby sleeping bags solve many sleeping issues, by achieving a constant regulated temperature throughout the night the sleeping bag prevents the hazards associated with blankets, duvets and other forms of top bedding. As the temperature changes (drops or rises) during the night so too does your baby/ toddlers temperature and this is the time when they will wake up during their day or night sleeps, uncomfortable and crying, perhaps they have kicked off the covers or they wriggle around the blankets for a more comfortable temperature. The key is to eliminate all these hazards before they happen. 

The sleeping bag will also have their own smell which resonates with baby or toddler, for this reason the bag does not need to be washed evey day and once the bag is put on your baby or toddler they will know it is bedtime (much like pj's).
The zip at the side of the size 1 and 2's sleeping bags will assist parents when they change nappies throughout the night, your baby will not need to be swaddled again after the change and will generally fall back to sleep. The travel bags all have centre-zips as well as Size 3 bags for ages 1-3. 
Do not ever use blankets or duvets when using a sleeping bag. 
Every sleepingbag is 100% cotton lined for comfort and easy care. All our baby sleeping bags are of exceptional quality, the Slumbersac sleepingsacs are made with 100% cotton, some fabrics are ultra-soft cotton or jersey cotton (info found under each design), lined with 100% pure cotton, they are all rigorously tested and can be both machine-washed and tumble-dried.
Our Baby Kaboosh sleeping bags are also made and lined with 100% cotton, except the Sleepy Bunny design which is made with a polyester-cotton blend and lined with 100% cotton. Any fabric that will touch your babies skin should be 100% cotton and all our bags are lined with 100% cotton for this reason. 

Safe And Sound

Your baby's safety is our number one priority!

Research shows that when using conventional bedding babies tend to get too hot or too cold, sleeping bags ensure baby's remain at a constant temperature and eliminate the need for any other top covers.
Simply put your baby into their sleepsac when they are ready for bed and pop them into their bed. Do not use any blankets or duvets.

We offer three Tog ratings ~ 2.5 Tog is the standard for use throughout the year, use 1 Tog for warm rooms and summer nights and 0.5 Tog for temperatures reaching 24 degrees + (Please refer to the table below for more info on the temperatures associated with each Tog).

To ensure optimum comfort for your baby simply adjust their nightwear according to the nursery temperature (Please refer to the table below for the correct undergarments required for Tog1 and Tog2.5 bags only).

The 'TRAVEL' sleeping bag has all the perks of the normal sleepsac plus offers a back vent which allows easy and safe fitting of the buggy and car seat harness. Travel bags allow you to simply transfer your sleeping baby from the car snuggly to the cot with the minimum disturbance. Our travel sleepsacs are extremely popular and highly recommended as a first or second bag. 


We recommend 2 for Summer and 2 for Winter, especially if you are using the sleepsac daily and would like to have a spare one for those days when baby makes an "oopsie" through their nappy.

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